Car cum Bed

Why are specialist cars not designed to give their drivers a good night’s sleep? There’s plenty of space inside a standard automobile, but someone needs to customise the interior so the standard driving pose of those two front seats can be transformed into comfortable sleeping beds.

Think about how much space is wasted in most cars because of the gear stick (when automatic is so much easier) or handbrake (which could just be a button). Then there’s the steering wheel. Imagine a miniaturised version that folds out of the way to make more space for your legs to stretch out. As for those huge dials and guages for speed, petrol and revs… they could easily become digital chrono, showing only the relevant information and taking up a fraction of the space.

The chairs could all be lowered at the press of another button and recline backwards so there is uninterrupted sleep space from just under where the steering wheel was located to the boot of a car. The back seats would be on rollers so they can move further back to create a continuous mattress that is at least 6 feet 5 inches. Next, grab a pillow, wriggle into a sleeping bag and a cosy bed has been conjured-up out of what was once was seen as just a mode of transport from A to B.
Enjoy the benefits of being able to park anywhere on the planet, without worrying about shelling out for a B&B or hotel. Wake-up in the morning refreshed, find the nearest diner (or McDonalds) and then continue with the journey, whether a long distance business trip or holiday tour.

I really don’t understand why no-one has designed the “Ford/Vauxhall/Fiat/Kia Snoozer”. The advantages are clear and the design would not be too complicated. Imagine the money motorists could save and the amazing flexibility that could be available to the discerning motorist…