Keep Scotland Beautiful

1 Falls b

In Scotland, sadly, there’s far too much waste:

Sweet wrappers and cans thrown away in haste,

Litter blocking our sewers could cause a flood,

Bottles, condoms, crisp packets caked in mud…

What a mess, what a stress for the litter picker,

Much reason to complain and feel rather bitter,

Especially when you feel that frightful shiver

On seeing a shopping trolley shoved in the river!


The cost is clear – at least sixty-five million bucks,

We’d be so much richer if we stopped making mucks.

Think how you feel when after a walk in the park,

You discover shoe covered in that smelly brown mark!

Bag it and bin it – don’t leave disease to fester,

Then no hefty fine will your bank account pester.


Can you really afford to cause such a mess?

Would you not rather your neighbours bless?

Just a little action can brighten up your community,

Look past the problem to see your opportunity…

Each item recycled or put in its place,

Saves another day for our human race!

Wise use of resources is plain common sense,

Sticking to nature’s cycles our best defence.

Welcome visitors, tourists with clean, spotless views,

Show-off our land’s bounty in its sparkling hues.

So whether crunching down cans, or putting poop in the bin,

When we “Keep Scotland Beautiful” everyone will win!