About this author – Stephen Duff

Born in August 1984 and married to a lovely wife, Angela, almost exactly 27 years later! We live in Elgin, Moray, which is a wonderful part of Scotland – peaceful, green and often overlooked by the rest of the world (except for those interested in whiskey!).
In my day job, as a Communication lecturer, I teach a wide range of students the fundamentals of reading, writing and speaking. I also network with different sectors, from Business Administration to Horticulture, giving me an invaluable breadth of experience.
A member of Elgin Baptist Church, I am passionate about making a difference in our world today and have abundant hope for the future because I know the One who is the source of everything good. I enjoy opportunities to speak with and train congregations, as well as believing that there is much wisdom in the Bible which our world needs to properly learn in order to overcome the challenges we face.
For example, without realising that this planet was created for us to enjoy and look after, we will never be able to present a coherent case for sustainability. Forgiveness is at the heart of Christianity and this is so desperately needed in many places to overcome barriers and suspicion. If we know how much grace God has shown us, we are much quicker this charity of others. In terms of marriage, we clearly see that males and females (because of their differences) complement each other and need support, not a dilution of what this word means.
Finally, I hope to use any and every network to communicate ideas and network with people. Together we can accomplish so much more and, ultimately, I’m more interested in getting things done than who gets the credit.


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