We need clarity now!

Brexit is descending into a farce.  With Boris’ majority cut to just one (if supported by the DUP), it seems almost impossible for him to force through Parliament a “no deal” exit from the EU. Yet, if the Brexit Party had stepped aside in yesterday’s by-election, the Tories would have won and his position would look a little rosier, especially as he would continue to have momentum.  Division and posturing has once again thwarted any chance of leadership with £4 billion plus likely to be wasted preparing for an outcome virtually no-one wants.

On the other hand, those who oppose “no deal” Brexit have missed numerous opportunities in Parliament to decisively rule out that course of action, despite talking-up the threat posed by such a move (which is the default legal position).  Such blatant opportunism is extremely reckless.  They have been offered plenty of opportunities to vote for a moderate, compromise, managed re-alignment with the EU, as presented by Theresa May on no less than three occasions, or to revoke Article 50.

Of course, Labour cannot seem to reach a coherent policy on the greatest political issue of our day and seem implacably opposed to a Remain alliance, so we face a mess.  How can the SNP claim that a “no deal” Brexit is “extremely dangerous” and yet their votes could have enabled the “Agreement on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union” to actually secure Parliamentary approval.

So, where now?   I wish I knew but I am even more certain that we desperately need compromise and unity.  I would still prefer to Remain in the EU, particularly as we hear more about the disastrous impacts of “no deal”, but the chances of Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid, Independents, Tory Remainers and others setting aside their differences to effectively collaborate seem remote.  I can only pray that God Almighty will guide and lead our representatives to do what is right and in the best interests of our nation.

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