All lives matter

Pause for a moment and think of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, the living organisms at greatest risk from man’s rapacious self-interest, our decisions to let nothing restrict our pleasures or stand in the way of what we construe as essential to our happiness.  Who suffers the most from our selfishness and greed?  Is it the polar bear, whose ice caps are melting due to climate change?  Or the Sumatran orang-utan, which has lost about 80% of its population in the last 75 years, their forests chopped down to make way for palm oil farms, and is reduced to an alarming 6,600 apes?  Or even the Amur leopard, whose numbers are thought to have dwindled to mere double digits, just 70 creatures?

Of course, we should be concerned to protect these critically endangered species but why do so many who wax lyrical about the lives and futures of these animals say nothing about the threat to unborn babies in the womb from abortion, the self-interested choice of parents to terminate the life of their offspring?  You see, the most endangered ecosystem is not the Amazonian rain forests but the human womb.

Social Justice Warriors bemoan the lack of sacrifice for future generations, the oppression of the poorest and most vulnerable on society… yet say nothing about the monstrous injustice of abortion.

Listen to the “Extinction Rebellion” protestors calling on Britons to “honour the Mother Earth”, brandishing signs declaring “business as usual = death” and claiming “I love people as I love the world and I want it to prosper”. Why can’t they see the relevance of these sentiments to the scandal of abortion?  How much more should we respect, cherish and honour life in the womb or recognise that pursuing our own selfish pleasures without any checks leads to innocents being terminated.  Plus, how can your love for people and planet not extend to those who are defenceless and friendless?

Maybe you think abortion is a relatively small problem and eminently justifiable in extreme circumstances.  Well, globally, there are 125,000 abortions every day – that’s an estimated 40-50 million every year, according to the World Health Organisation.  This no tiny drop in the ocean but justifiably described as a Holocaust or genocide.  Moreover, only 1-1.5% of abortions are actually “hard cases”, terminations where the reason reported is rape or incest – even then why should the innocent baby be punished for the crime of one parent?

What if the mother’s life is at risk?  Again, this is actually extremely rare.  While he was U. S. Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop stated that in his thirty-eight years as a pediatric surgeon, he was never aware of a single situation in which an unborn child’s life had to be taken in order to save the life of the mother.

If we are serious about safeguarding future generations and defending life on earth, we must stand-up against selfish, convenience abortions and challenge the lies of a lobby that profits from encouraging promiscuity.  We need to be consistent: we must campaign to see tough actions taken that protect our planet AND the tiny little baby in the womb.  All creatures of our God and King deserve better.  All lives matter.

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