Don’t dare quote the “abomination”

I’m truly saddened by how orthodox Christians beliefs are being subjected to all-out assault by those in positions of authority.

You may have heard in the news this week about Australian Rugby player, Israel Folau, almost certain to be sacked by his club and country for saying “hell awaits drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolators” — adding they should “repent” as “only Jesus saves.”

Of course, outlets such as the BBC only focused on one small section of people that stand condemned by the warnings of Scripture “gay people”.  Fornicators, incidentally, is anyone who has sex outside traditional, male-female marriage but somehow the reality of what the Bible says is lost in the caricature.

An English rugby player, Billy Vunipola, defends Folau’s stance, calling for people to “live their lives how God intended” and saying “man was made for woman to procreate”.  He will be spoken to at the earliest possible opportunity by his rugby bosses for what is seen as utterly indefensible.  Whatever happened to free speech and religious liberty?

Away from sport, a student social worker is on the verge of being completely expelled from his profession for arguing what the Bible clearly teaches – that homosexuality is a sin.  Apparently, according to the case for the prosecution, Mother Theresa would not be deemed fit to practise social work in modern Britain.

To be clear, “Counsel for the University of Sheffield said that Christian views on sexual morality could never be expressed in a public forum, at a meeting, in a newspaper article or on any social media. She said that the social work profession would need to consider whether such speech may be permissible in a church or Bible study group, but that was a decision for a later date – the implication being that such views will not be permissible even within the walls of a church.”

Lord Jesus, we lift up this tragedy to you.  We pray for our courts, our politicians and our nation to see that Christians must be free to express what your word clearly teaches.  Lord, we tremble for our society if they choose to persecute your Body, the Church, if they opt to silence the voice of truth.  We pray that they would see the Light and repent of their addiction to darkness, to shades of grey and despicable deeds.  Lord, may the abomination that causes desolation be cast out of your holy temples and may truth, righteousness and justice reign.  Have mercy, Lord Jesus, on sheep who are straying and sleepwalking into destruction.  Awaken them from their slumbers and lead them in the Way of life.

Just consider for a moment – we as Christians sincerely believe what the Bible teaches, most importantly that salvation is found in Christ Jesus alone.  We would betray our conscience if we kept quiet about all the things that we are certain lead to eternity without God, a punishment that far outweighs anything the courts of this world can mete out.  Crucifying Jesus and his disciples, or throwing them to the lions could not stop the spread of this revolution over the last 2000 years.  Is this a fight a society bitterly divided by Brexit, social deprivation and myriad disunities really wants to pick?

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