Fixing Facebook?

It’s been a little over a year since Mark Zuckerberg announced his focus for the year was to “fix Facebook”.  Apparently, this mission will take 36 months to achieve that target.

Whilst I believe much of the many anti-Facebook pundits are very biased and the politicians who jump on the bandwagon just love to find a scapegoat to distract from there failure, there is one key issue.  You cannot fix Facebook because the problem is ultimately how the human beings use the tools technology offers.  As long as hearts are hardened against love and minds closed to truth, there will always be outbursts of hatred and malice.  Too many people worship technology as a panacea and fail to appreciate the limitations of even the best app or coolest gadget.

In terms of Facebook, you can and should keep improving the code to encourage better behaviour and remove dangerous content more promptly.  Governments can introduce sensible but realistic regulations, just as the European Union devised emissions targets for reducing pollution from cars, which gradually are becoming tougher over the course of time.  Yet we must all accept that there will always be issues and posts that slip through the net (generally because individuals actively are working to “game” the system and find the loophole).

What a tragedy if we destroy a new technology with amazing potential simply because we are unable to manage the inevitable downsides and dangers.