Ideological blinkers

This excellent article by Jack Bernhardt, reflecting initially on the latest evidence of Corbyn ignoring anti-Semitism amongst his far-left fellow-travellers but broadening out into an examination of the many “prisms” through which groups interpret the world, was a timely contribution to the debate.

I think the term ideological blinkers works better to describe how individuals suppress uncomfortable facts and focus only on what bolsters their sense of outrage.  We need to break out of the filter bubble and challenge the narrow thinking that prevents us from grappling with the subtle realities of the human condition.  Whether it’s the Brexiteer admitting the difficulties of finding solutions to the Irish border question or the Remainer addressing the genuine grievances of those left behind by socio-economic “progress” that promoted a “Leave” protest vote, there are so many ways where we desperately need to walk a mile in our neighbour’s shoes.

As we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I’m struck by Christ’s example – His courageous sacrifice in bearing the weight of all our sin and grievances.  He did not run away from those who determined to destroy Him but willingly bled and died for His enemies.  Surely, we can take a little time to show compassion and understanding to those who think differently.  Rather than denouncing them from afar, we must draw close, listen and learn, speaking and doing only what builds-up.  For such is His command – “love your neighbour as yourself”.