What’s really going on?

Why on earth is Jeremy Corbyn still Leader of the Labour Party and potential future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

On Venezuela, he refused to directly criticise his old “socialist” ally, President/Dictator Nicholas Maduro who has locked-up political opponents, unleashed police violence against desperate protestors and sought to bypass democracy by rigging elections to a new body that aims to re-write the constitution. Corbyn could only manage a feeble objection to “violence… by all sides”, completely ignoring the reality of what it must be like to live in increasingly impoverished communities that are not being served by their government and have no means of redress. His moral equivalence on this issue bears comparison to Trump’s reprehensible comments after the outrages in Charlottesville, USA. How would Corbyn react if his Labour colleagues in the UK were incarcerated and the House of Commons bypassed as the primary decision-making body of our nation?

Then, there is his lamentable failure to stand-up for Sarah Champion, hounded out of her job as shadow minister for women and equalities for simply stating the facts: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.” Instead, he accused her of “demonising” a “particular group”. Maybe the ex-minister could have expressed herself a little more carefully but she was rightly outraged and upset about a cancerous culture in our society.

Sarah Champion argued insightfully that people are “more afraid to be called a racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse.” We’ve become so obsessed with political correctness and avoiding truths we find offensive that we’ve allowed evil to advance unchecked. It’s easier to look the other way but the results are tragic. We should be shocked and appalled that so many Asian men have been involved in these grooming gangs and ask (sensitively, yet searchingly) why? Social workers from Rotherham who raised concerns about the safety of children from these predators were instead sent on “anti-discrimination” courses. What is going on?

Firstly, we must address the rampant sexualisation of society, especially our young people. We need to restrict online pornography, which is easily available and frequently encountered by Primary age children (at least 44,000 individuals, according to 2013 research). Similarly, one NSPCC survey found 65% of 15-16 year olds have seen pornography. The harm caused is increasingly well-documented and contributes to people being viewed as sexual objects for someone else’s gratification, rather than precious human beings. Another example of this is the sickening practice of “upskirting”, which England and Wales don’t even have proper laws to prosecute. Of course, the “raunch” culture expounded in music videos where skimpily-clad, almost-naked women, especially the artists that girls idolise like Katy Perry, strut their stuff must also be tackled. Then, we should be zeroing-in on those parents/carers who let their children roam free on the streets, encountering all kinds of dangers, without any proper supervision or debriefings.

Back to those Asian gangs. There is an insightful article on this issue back in 2010, which demonstrates how entrenched this problem has become. Perpetrators of this horrific child abuse apparently referred to their victims as “white trash”, which sadly echoes the views of the Prophet Muhammed who claimed that the “majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were women” because they “lack common sense.” Note, moreover, the numerous reference in the Islamic writings to Muslim soldiers being permitted (even encouraged) to have sex with female captives and slaves, who “their right hands possess”. This rape would have, of course, often occurred after male family members were murdered as Islam was spread by the sword. It’s disturbing that there is so much ignorance about the roots of this religion.

So, what needs to happen? Well, ultimately, as individuals, communities and nations, we must come to Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace, the Lord of love, who rejects utterly what is evil and rejoice in all that is good. He is the one who welcome little children, fiercely warns against anyone who would lead them astray and insists that sex is only for marriage. When we see the moral filth, bitter hatred and vile abuse all around us, wouldn’t we rather embrace His path of righteousness? Same initials as Jeremy Corbyn but a world of difference!

Forcing diversity?

I was really disappointed to read that Google fired an employee who wrote an internal memo questioning the utility of their policies on gender diversity.  He argued that perhaps tech companies that try diversity programmes to get more women into the industry are looking at things the wrong way.

It’s not just because of recruitment practices or education or discrimination that more men than women work in the tech industry, he contended, but because of biological differences.

Women are “on average more interested in people” as opposed to things, he claimed, “more co-operative” and “more prone to anxiety” – all things that stop them going into the tech industry or rising to the top of it.

Moreover, he said this couldn’t usually be said by people who worked for Google, because of an “ideological echo chamber” and a “shaming culture and the possibility of being fired”.

Well, that last point proved true, but what about the wider thesis?  There does seem to be evidence supporting his arguments and please note the crucial caveat – “on average”.  Of course, there are exceptional men who flourish looking after children and women who love coding, but that’s not the norm.  Any speculation that there is absolutely no biological component to these kinds difference, especially given the blindingly obvious fact that women have mammary glands, has never been proven and is purely hypothetical.

Over time, all the efforts made in schools and companies to remove any obvious barriers to employing women (i.e. childcare, work placements) should bear some fruit but there should never be any direct, positive discrimination – hiring a less able woman simply because of her gender and to make the ratios look better on company audits.  That’s an insult to everyone and totally counter-productive.

Incidentally, I’m not sure about the “more prone to anxiety” comment but this former Google employer is merely trying to articulate a position we urgently need to hear.  If society keeps trying to destroying a key very foundation on which our personhood and identity is built, male and female bodies, then we will be causing untold damage and misery.  It’s like Canute trying to hold back the tide.

I would urge you to read the employee’s actual memo.  I sincerely hope that this case is taken to an employment tribunal and some sense starts to prevail in these matters.