Hated, reviled and destroyed

Who are the most abused, victimised and persecuted group of human beings in the world?  Who are the most oppressed in our society today without any voice of their own and virtually no rights in law?  Who is consistently ignored by politicians, news media and the general public?  Surely, when you dig a little into the horror that is the abortion industry, you must conclude that unborn babies face this horrendous injustice.

Once again, the UK government has legislated to undermine the rights of unborn babies, promising to fund abortions for Northern Irish women travelling across the Sea to seek a termination, undercutting the laws in Ulster that protect these vulnerable, innocent babies.  Why?

Well, proponents claim that this will primarily benefit those who are adjudged by medical professionals a “non-viable” pregnancy – these are the cases publicised and designed to extract maximum sympathy.  Whilst this must be a truly awful prognosis to receive, does that justify murder?  Consider that doctors do make mistakes, as demonstrated by (amongst many others) this case of Jett Morris who “survived for five weeks in the womb after his mum’s waters broke when she was just 20 weeks pregnant. He was born prematurely at 25 weeks weighing just 1.4lbs – less than a bag of sugar – and has now grown into a healthy one year-old.”

Then there’s the instances of women who have survived breast cancer and given birth to healthy babies, again defying prevailing medical opinions.  There is lots of research into exactly how pregnancy and cancer interact with some evidence suggesting that the former can actually help against the latter.

Note that in Northern Ireland currently, an abortion is offered if “a woman’s life is at risk or there is a permanent or serious risk to her mental or physical health.”  That’s clear and unambiguous, rightly stating what should be the only permissible reason for this last resort.  The sad fact is that as “health” is virtually impossible to define, a woman who is even mildly upset that she is pregnant can abort her child under this ambiguous phrase, which is the only legal check in Scotland, England and Wales.

For all the other objections raised to restricting the “choice” of women, pro-life defenders blow their arguments out of the water but are systematically ignored by the mainstream media.  For example, did you know that cases of “rape or incest” account for less than 1% of all abortions in the USA – yet for the amount of coverage they receive, you would think this was an epidemic.  Yes, the zygote (created at the moment of fertilization) is unique being that is distinct from the mother; he or she has 46 unique chromosomes and is internally driven to grow into more mature stages.

So, just because the foetus (technical term for baby from nine weeks) cannot speak for themselves and is dependent on their mother, doesn’t mean they can just be destroyed without any thought for the consequences.  A baby also requires round-the-clock care but no-one (thankfully) suggests a mother should be aided and abetted to get rid of what might be perceived as an unwanted nuisance.  I am deeply saddened that our politicians are increasing funding for and access to state-sanctioned murders whilst, for example, we cannot seem able to properly fireproof our buildings.

There have been about 1.5 billion babies aborted worldwide since 1980, a mind-boggling number that dwarfs the Holocaust, Stalin’s purges and the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia.  Let’s speak, work and pray for true justice.


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