Time for change in Moray

I’m disappointed about the dark mutterings aimed by the SNP at Douglas Ross’ refereeing commitments. Firstly, it’s a positive that we have a politician who has a life outside the Parliament and engages in ordinary, wholesome activities, gaining experiences that broaden his horizons and keep him connected to real people. If he misses a Holyrood committee meeting, let’s remind ourselves that these are probably pointless as the indy-obsessed SNP currently represent a massive roadblock to any progress through our devolved institutions.

Secondly, consider the cheek of the Nats – they have two MPs suspended for financial scandals and another, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, being investigated by the Law Society of Scotland. They’re the ones with the worst record of corruption and incompetence – who are they to throw stones in a desperate attempt to rescue Angus Robertson’s electoral prospects? Speaking of which, what has been doing at Westminster for the last 16 years – abstaining on numerous votes, using his position to divide the United Kingdom and claiming £1,119 for a TV on expenses (not to mention £20 for a corkscrew). Do, please, look them all up. As a former journalist and special advisor, I think our incumbent urgently needs a reality check.

The SNP have no coherent vision – they won’t even guarantee that we would re-join the EU as that would upset too many of their core voters. There’s no point in a strong voice for Moray/Scotland if they ignore what 57.56/55.3% of citizens are saying. We know that 300 years of shared history between two nations with a land border is much more important, and will always outweigh, a mere 40ish years in a less cohesive bloc. The fact is the SNP are hell-bent on a disastrous separation and will use any excuse to accomplish their narrow aims, ignoring the damage they inflict on Scotland through their chronic mismanagement. They are unprincipled and unfit for government of any sort (or even Opposition).

Meanwhile, Corbyn says he is “absolutely fine” with another divisive referendum and fails to command the loyalty of his own MPs, those who have seen him in action. Yes, it’s a mess, but – given the current choices – I believe we need to vote for change on 8th June.  We must unite behind the only candidate capable of delivering a message to the ultra-nationalists and actually representing Moray.


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