God’s good gift

We need to realise and combat the dangers of sexual permissiveness and pervasiveness.  Sex is a good gift from God and works wonders within the safety of the male-female marriage union.  However, when divorced from this context and running riot across society, this blessings becomes (ultimately) a curse, destroying the possibility of real, wholesome relationships.  Soon, nothing is free from erotic undertones, even male or female toilets.

There are no safe places for individuals to develop natural, healthy bonds that can improve one’s mental well-being, without worrying about simmering sexual tensions.

How can this world be saved, or even just improved?  Not by obsessing over one’s identity and being recognised as gay, queer, trans, lesbian, bi-sexual, pansexual…!  What a waste of time and energy when drought-stricken villages are starving, enslaved children are trafficked and our wonderful world needs a great big clean-up.  We need to discover our identity, not in trying to work out who exactly we are attracted to, but in caring for and serving people, regardless of who they are – just like Jesus Christ demonstrated.

He hung-out and even partied with the “outcasts” of his day – prostitutes, tax collectors and those seen by the Establishment as morally reprehensible.  Yet, He did not adopt some sort of reverse snobbery and sneer at the upper classes.  Instead, He consistently showed them love by warning of the consequences of their actions and calling them to repentance for their hard-heartedness, teaching patiently all those who came to Him.  He reached out to touch lepers, who were seen as unclean.  Rather than being contaminated by such contact, as His contemporaries would have supposed, He actually healed these socially ostracised individuals and enabled their rehabilitation into community.

Of course, Christ was content to be “single” because He was fully satisfied in close union with the Father through the Spirit, and strove to share this grace with His followers.  He is the most amazing role model, Saviour and Lord we could ever wish for.



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