A Lidl Surprise (but not the nice kind)!

I was quite astonished recently when cooking some Lidl burgers on my George Foreman to see the amount of fat which dripped into the plastic tub.  As you can see from the photo, I almost thought that I was going to need a bigger fat-catcher!  On closer inspection, the burgers turned out to be 35% fat, which leaves room for not much else.  You can probably guess that the burgers emerged from the GF significantly smaller than when they entered.

I guess you get what you pay for!

Lidl burgers; lotta fat

Lidl burgers; lotta fat

Corbyn: Disaster already happening!

Jeremy Corbyn’s half-hearted criticism of Islamic State and comparison of their barbarism to the USA’s military action in Fallujah once again illustrates the inconsistency and blind spots of the extreme Left.  Like George Galloway, he seems quite capable of cosying-up to, or overlooking the “faults” of, those who are perpetrating the most appalling crimes against humanity.

He is on the record as saying, for an interview with Russia Today last year, that what IS has done is “quite appalling, likewise what the Americans did in Fallujah and other places is appalling.”

To rate the evil of Islamic State below (note the use of “quite”!) the United States of America is utterly appalling and indefensible.  Rather than publicly and personally apologise, specifically to all the IS victims of rapes, beheading and heinous tortures, all Corbyn would do was send out a spokesperson to mouth platitudes.  He was very quick to dismiss evidence of anti-Semitism against him as “very appalling, disgusting and deeply offensive.”  So, in his mind, does that mean that US incursions in Fallujah, and by extension IS barbarism, is less reprehensible than someone questioning why he shared a platform with Dyab Jahjah who says “Every dead British soldier is a victory.”

He either has a poor grasp of English or no sense of proportionality, no comprehension of the real evils that are lurking in this world and threatening to engulf civilisation.

According to the “Left Foot Forward”, this is only one instance of many where Corbyn is failing to take a stand against terrorism.  Whilst there is much to commend in his commitment to re-energise the state to tackle the fundamental problems dogging Britain, his grasp of international politics and basic ethics makes him a truly frightening prospect for leadership of the Labour Party and Prime Minister in-waiting.