Supermarkets must see sense

I was encouraged to hear last week of a campaign to force supermarkets to donate unwanted food to charity. This already happens in Belgium and there is a UK petition that has already gathered over 120,000 signatures. Surely, this must be a priority for our governments, north and south of the border.

Wasting so much perfectly good food is a scandal and absurd, especially when many go to bed hungry. We need to start prioritising the basics of life over the ridiculous obsession of bad businesses to squeeze every last penny out of their customers.For example, France is banning retailers from throwing away items fast approaching their best before dates and deliberately poisoning products with bleach to prevent them being retrieved by “freegans.”In Scotland, whilst some supermarkets already make arrangements to avoid wastage, these must be made mandatory – enforceable by law – and the beneficiaries of store managers miscalculating their sales strategy should be those who are struggling most, not the seagulls!

So, please show solidarity with the neediest in our society.Investigate the issues online, sign the petition and contact our political representatives.How can it be right that food rots whilst people starve?


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