Sprucing up our High Streets

On a recent visit to Stirling, I was very impressed, not just by the city’s lack of litter and profusion of well-maintained flower beds/planters, but also the presentation of empty shops.  As you can hopefully see from these photos, high quality prints completely filled the windows of retail units that could so easily have become eyesore and headaches.  These posters could clearly be taken down and reused, as required.

Whilst obviously everyone would prefer to see a successful business inside, this determination to improve the appearance of the community, coupled with creativity in achieving this goal, was highly commendable.  Moray (and many other places) could learn much from Stirling.  If we want to attract tourists and boast our economy, a modest investment of cash and a razor-sharp attention to detail can lead to great accomplishments, just as Robert the Bruce, with a small force largely composed of well-trained schiltrons and keen eye for exploiting the terrain around Bannockburn, overcame a better-armed, more numerous invading army in 1314.

Creative idea for sprucing up an otherwise empty shop!

Creative idea for sprucing up an otherwise empty shop!


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