“In Bed with the Tories!”

Alex Salmond would make me laugh – if he wasn’t such a danger to Scotland. Last night, he repeatedly ripped into Alistair Darling – a Labour politicians and chief spokesperson for “Better Together”, which is a coalition that, of course, includes the staunchly pro-Union Conservative party. Salmond claimed that Darling was somehow responsible, or at least acquiescent in what critics lambast as the “bedroom tax” (or supporters call the “spare room subsidy”!).
Why can’t the 71% of people polled by ICM after the BBC debate see that the First Minister is clutching at straws? Maintaining a successful, prosperous and mutually-beneficial Union between Scotland and rest of our United Kingdom is a specific issue that unites almost all the main political parties and even more who resist all such labels. Moreover, Darling could easily have accused the SNP of being “in bed” with the Scottish Socialist Party, who are fellow-members of “Yes Scotland” and advocate the legalisation of cannabis. This drug deposits on the lung more than four times the amount of tar associated with cigarettes, impairs cognitive abilities, reduces concentration levels and triggers paranoia or anxiety attacks. One might wonder if that’s what the blindly optimistic, hopelessly deluded and irredeemably vague “Yes” camp have been smoking!
Whether arguing that Great Britain means we don’t get the government we vote for or scaremongering over the NHS’s future, they need to wake-up and smell the coffee. Only 902,915 individuals voted for the SNP in 2011 – 45.39% of those who bothered casting a ballot – and yet they ended-up with a whopping majority of seats in Parliament and were able to legislate for the 18th September 2014 Referendum. Meanwhile, control of the NHS is devolved to Scotland – whatever happens south of the border does not dictate policy in Glasgow or Edinburgh.
Millions of pounds have already been wasted on a campaign most people in this magnificent nation did not want. It’s time to send Salmond a clear message: “we are not amused”!


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