Governing, not posturing!

With less than one hundred days to go until Scotland’s Day of Destiny, it’s worth noting that this referendum will cost at least £13.3m to stage. That’s not including all the time and money lost on endless reports, polling, campaign stunts, leafletting, volunteer hours, TV debates… Why on earth do we let our politicians get away with such farce?

We elect them to govern – sorting out issues like the regeneration of derelict eyesores, improving education in schools, delivering better Internet access to communities and ensuring our most vulnerable citizens are properly cared for. They’re not in power to tinker with systems, grabbing more authority and titles for themselves at the expense of those who are struggling to put food on the table. In two years of ding-dong debate, the polls still show that most Scots don’t want separation!

Moray’s share of the vital funds wasted could easily restore the likes of Grant Lodge in Cooper Park to its former glory. Surely, that’s money better spent.  Across Scotland, the national auditors in 2011 put the cost of fully repairing Scotland’s existing road network at £2.25 billion, a fraction of the £9 billion committed for new road building. Last year, Scottish Councils paid out more than £580,000 to motorists whose cars were damaged by potholes. Governing is not rocket science, and sometimes seems ludicrously obvious, so let using current powers wisely be the one and only priority of all politicians.


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