Sheep wool insulation

The Computer Aided Design class at Moray College were discussing different ways to insulate and heat the home they were tasked to design.  As part of the debate, I was thrilled to hear about environmentally-friendly sheep wool insulation.  

This material is brilliant for the job.  Back in 2008, demand for wool was so low, Welsh farmers were forced to settle for 33p a kilo – less than the cost of shearing the animals.  Although by 2013 this price had more than trebled to 108p/kilo, this fleecy material is naturally recurring and still fabulously priced.

Additional benefits over traditional man-made mineral fibre materials include ease of disposal (biodegrades quickly, so can enrich ground as part of compost, or possibly incinerated to produce energy) and the ability of the likes of NatuWool to absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture without significant changes to thermal performance.  Moreover, NatuWool can be fitted by hand, without gloves or masks, as it’s pleasant to handle and does not irritate skin.

 B&Q are now selling this excellent product, but sadly the price seems rather expensive.  At £16.98 for a smallish roll, which makes buying direct from the farmer a much more economical option, though I’m not sure how easy this would be.  Still, I’m glad to hear that we’re recognising how useful wool can be and making more of our natural resources.

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