Incentivising Recycling

Imagine if every supermarket carpark across Scotland contained recycling bank, which provided rewards for those who dutifully put bottles, glasses and cans in their correct repositories?   Think of all that would be put back into the production cycle and diverted to landfills – the millions saved. 

 Our society is too eager to sell as much as possible, but tries to ignore what happens at the disposal stage.  Yet, even a small incentive – representing part of the money saved through recycling – could make a big difference in motivating more people to be environmentally-friendly.  The tragedy is we very rarely assign values to packaging and live in a bubble of wasteful affluence that just chucks it all out, regardless of the cost.

Those glass Irn Bru bottles, which now offer 40p if returned, are a great example of a how a wee reward can change people’s behaviour.  We need more recycling and we should be prepared to pay, so that everyone sees the necessity.

 Apparently this “Automated Can Crusher Sorter” machine was first introduced to the UK in 2004 and was developed in Norway.  Why do we not see more of these all over our country?


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