Jesus Christ – the true Time Lord

He is the One and Only, the First and Last, before and beyond time, which serves His purposes because He is eternal. Once He split history in two by coming as a baby boy, dying as the Ultimate Sacrifice and rising as the Firstborn of the new creation. BC became AD and humanity was forever changed, redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb.

In the Old Testament, He appeared to Moses in a burning bush and Joshua as the Commander of Angelic Armies. After rising to reign over all, He poured out the Holy Spirit, a foretaste of glory divine, His presence abiding in all who believe.

Doctor Who might battle the imaginary forces of Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels, but Jesus battles the demons of hell. Those little g-gods that Doc Who sometimes encounters and best – like Pan – might be easily outsmarted but are nothing compared to the horrors Christ overcame. Nothing and no-one could or will withstand the King of Kings, the sin-slayer and death-beater.

Good Morning America!

RE: shooting at the USA’s Navy HQ.

Why does America – Washington D.C. – once more suffer the sounds of terror echoing through the halls of building designed to protect and uphold freedom? Why do innocents suffer for the crimes of their superiors?
These are complex issues and our hearts cry out for the victims, longing for God to stop the guns from firing and deflect the bullets.
Yet does Christ possibly have something to teach us? After yet another shooting spree, is it time to consider more what drives these outbursts of rage? Could this be the moment to deal with root cause of injustice, squalor and impoverished opportunities.
O, America, it’s not a financial stimulus you need or a new Homeland Security Act, but radical returning to the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. Throw out the same sex marriage abominations and the cease the abortion of what is miraculous, new human life woven together by God in the womb.
Though your sins are as scarlet, Christ can make you whiter than snow and heal the hurt that cripples your nation.
Don’t misinterpret this September’s wake-up call. Don’t think that more bombs dropped on the other side of the world can somehow eliminate your enemies. Each explosive only spreads the cancer of hate and rage. You’re not battling flesh and blood, but the sins that entangle and binds the lost in darkness. Only through renouncing evil and embracing good can you be saved.
Jesus is kind, patient, merciful and abundantly gracious. He is the faithful Friend on whom you can depend.
Remember He disciplines those He loves for everlasting good – unfathomable is the depth of His mercies. The real tragedy is when we block our ears and refuse to listen to wisdom. Turn and speak to Him.