Marriage of Excellence


Renounce sexual immorality,

Start living for love and purity,

Remember the Saviour’s cross,

How much each blood-bought breath did cost.

If you blow smoke from a fag away,

How have you made this world a better day?

Only rotted your heart and lungs,

Filled tax man’s coffers with more bungs.

Look back to Calvary’s tree,

There the truth you will see.

For when He bled and died,

Sin’s bite of death was multiplied:

The Trinity shattered into three,

Spirit from flesh torn asunder,

Making the heaven’s thunder.

Many hours darkness reigned,

Till Christ came to life again!

So, give up those smoky joes,

Which steal health, wealth and snoozes!

Turn swords into hoes,

Seal-up tombs where no-one goes,

What’s the use in digging-up death?

Does archaeology fuel ecology?

Let old bones rest in peace,

Remember, they’re short of homes in the Middle East,

Finish the work, make sure the road is done,

Then you can find new projects – have some fun.

Jesus is Lord of all,

His love echoes through every human hall.


Stephen Duff (first draft – 18/09/2013 following a morning of posting cards through doors for the “Better Together” campaign, lunch and a little DIY in the shed)


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