Please Mr Cameron, listen…

Have you ever stopped and traced what’s happened in the UK over the past 100 years? Have you witnessed the spiraling cost of divorces and abortions on our social well-being, all copiously documented (see below), lest we forget?
Now you want to wholesale promote LGBT onto our young people, glamourising that lifestyle not just with ‘sex appeal’, but the allure of a seemingly stable, lifelong contract.
That’s not marriage. You may dress it up howsoever you choose, but your perversion is clear for the world to see.
Why does Britain have so few friends on the world stage? Why are we so divided in our Parliament that you can’t even muster a majority for teaching the morally bankrupt government of Syria a lesson.
It’s because – at the moment – you’ve lost your way badly and are floundering. Please come back to the truth. Soften your heart and let see that we’re all human being, messed and in need to help. God gives us the Way in Christ Jesus. Don’t shut the door in His face because you’ll only shut out all that is good and rosy in this world.  


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