On immigration

This is a controversial topic, but we have to be open-minded here. Unless there is absolutely compelling evidence that someone should be banned from our country, then they should be allowed in to try – within suitable limits and subject to safeguards, bearing in mind the goal of integration, a diverse whole.

However, the first priority has to go to educating and training our own people to fill job vacancies here. Nevertheless, by allowing more competition and mixing – our communities seeing the sacrifices and hard work that has helped build other countries – we can inspire (or shame) those who are work-shy.

Is it really necessary to restrict student visas when all these individuals want to do is learn skills that they can take back to help their communities at home, or maybe stay and build a better here.  To be honest, the College and University system is one of the best ways to sort-out potential candidates coming into the country, giving people a fair chance, but with plenty of checks in place to weed-out anything unsavoury.  Tragically, Cameron’s government chose the soft target on this issue, rather than tackling core problems.

Please don’t adopt scare tactics on this issue, but be realistic and generous. The world is a large place and we’re building some excellent high-rise apartments, so don’t spoil the view!


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