Unleash the Gospel

Why does the politically correct establishment try to stifle sharing of the Christian gospel?  For example, a supply teacher (Olive Jones) in North Somerset, November 2009, was dismissed on the spot after offering to pray for a child and her family.  Meanwhile, Kwabena Peat was suspended from his job after sending letters to other staff members complaining that a training day was being used to promote homosexual rights and practice.  Just two instances of faith being side-lined and misunderstood with many more listed by www.christianconcern.com.

Yet, surely, today more than ever we need to follow Christ.  We need to be unafraid to label, stigmatise and demonise actions that are wrong (or sinful) in our society, from theft to littering, adultery to paedophilia.  Without unequivocal denunciation, wickedness flourishes.  Simultaneously, we must hold onto the love that changes broken people, starting with ourselves; the grace that makes transformation possible.  Between condemnation for the sin and compassion for the lost soul stands the cross of Calvary. 

No other ideology so perfectly encompasses and transcends the human condition.  Why would anyone seek to silence followers of Jesus in colleges or hospitals, town councils or business meetings?  He is the one faith leader who conquered death, still working now to make new both heaven and earth?  Is that unshakeable hope not worth considering? 

Generally, arrogance, fear and ignorance lie behind attempts to stop discussion, excluding possible solutions.  The Good News Bible, however, is the word that saves lives, rescues the lost and renews our world.  

Why do you cling to what is wrong?

In supporting same sex marriage – advocating equal rights with male-female unions – you’re effectively declaring human civilization and development up to this point null and void.   You’re opting out of the human covenant that only by becoming “one flesh” in real marriage can you procreate.

If you’re considering adoption, whatever you pass onto the next generation must be rooted and grounded in the word of God.

Remember whatever we’re doing, we’re modelling for the future what love, faith and hope looks like.  Hate the sin, not the sinner because there is always the opportunity for repentance.