Unity – not endless controversy

I’m saddened to say that I find respect for legal, democratic and modern methods of working somewhat lacking at the moment in Moray.  When did we start assuming that anyone in a position of authority or influence must be corrupt, or have compromised their principles in climbing the greasy pole?
  How come we’ve stop seeing local politics as the means for reconciling competing interests and reaching compromises?  Yes, we all feel the pain of concessions and cuts services, but the most vulnerable are protected and much good still accomplished by public servants.  
  Beware cynicism.  Tragically, I find the anger sometimes expressed on these pages reflected in students peed-off by the system and ready to go further than writing a letter.  Where do you think mindless littering, graffiti, vandalism and petty theft comes from?   If we’re not working together to make a better tomorrow, then we’re in trouble. 
  In College classes, students can either daydream and then complain later that it’s all a waste of time, or use those hours to apply themselves to improving their skills and learning how to progress.  They can either remember the equipment that helps them develop, or rock up expecting to be spoon-fed with plenty of fizzies for entertainment. 
  Maybe one of their first steps is actually making the extra effort to use to the max those multi-coloured recycling bins provided and stick that Irn Bru bottle in the right bucket.