Sustainability & looking after our environment

So, I decided to make my lessons on looking after our environment, from picking-up litter to reducing energy usage, much more widely available.  The situation is becoming more urgent with carbon dioxide levels reaching record levels in our atmosphere and the excellent documentary “Trashed” (headed-up by Jeremy Irons).  The initial goal – to ban non-recyclable plastic waste across the EU, especially those bags.  65% of plastic we throw away is land-filled or burned.

I’ve trialed these resources and they seemed to receive a good reception, but (of course) it’s just a beginning.  At the end of the day, it’s not what we know, but what we actually do based on the information we’ve received and the hand we’ve been dealt.  

Poems from the College of Knowledge

                               College Equinox

As you wander between buildings, wandering where,

By extension completion, will you have any hair?

Are the skies going to leak, before you scurry across,

Is chasing up that piece of paper worth the loss?
What will your courses look like amidst all the change?

Can you cope with more students – their lives so strange?


Interesting questions, no easy answers,

A bit like that one, “are we humans or dancers”?

Well, here’s what I remembered this morning,

Awake and alert to see first light dawning…


Remember, we’re on a mission,

Of knowledge and skills transmission,

All are welcome to visit this learning centre,

We’ll do our best to teach, train and mentor.

We each have our roles, from the cleaner to cook,

From headie to newbie in each corner and nook.

In office or Registry, in classroom or Library,

We all move forward in a spirit of enquiry.

Every contribution counts to our smooth operation,

We accomplish so much more when in cooperation.

We might be spread out, not see much of each other,

But we know where to turn if we’re in a spot of bother.


Our focus is clear: teach qualifications in collaborations,

Look after our charges, enable learning reverberations.

Until, one day, they graduate and go on their way

To make for themselves (and us) a much better day.

Yes, some will fall aside on the journey together,

But we’ll be ready for their return, whatever the weather.

We’ll give them our best because they’re our present

And future – we can’t just tick them all off absent.

They could be the ones who pay for our pensions,

Or maybe the carers who relieve our Old Age tensions?

What a privilege to train the next generation,

To carefully leave a lasting stamp on our nation.


Let’s never forget why we first shipped up here,

The emphasis on education is undeniably clear.

Without lifelong learning, we wither and die;

In growing and giving, we reach for the sky.


                         Cloud Cover

So figure out what your purpose is now,

Be on your way to the future espoused,

Look-up the Blackboard or that great knowledge cloud,

Make your parents and grandparents proud,

See their smiles when you reach for the stars,

Break their hearts if you end-up behind bars,

Stay on the straight and narrow,

Through the rough and smooth,

Remember you’ve got nothing to prove,

Take a break from learning and earning,

To do what’s interesting and diverting,

See that the coast is clear,

Hold on to what is most dear,


Cherish the cross of our wonderful King,

Enable the Light to shine in the Spring,

Clear out the rot – what’s decadent and despot,

Find the solution, so we don’t all get caught

With hands in the till or no underwear,

Without even matches or a penny to spare!

Climb up the tree of knowledge,

Come to the Moray College,

Bring back the workers; send tots out to play,

Strive to make tomorrow a much better day,


When you’re nearing the end,

Go a bit further round the bend,

Take some time to pretend

And then try clicking send. 

Is it a plague or a tumour,

A pancreas or a rumour,

A disease, a disease,

A rhyme or a chancer,

Well, one thing is now clear, whatever we do,

Our choices and decisions rebound back on you…


Looking on the bright side, what do you see?
Is this a river of blood or pure poetry?

Has the man lost his head or the woman her spanner?
Is the evidence a blip or a natural disaster?
What’s scrambled and hidden by the source code,

What’s Inspector Clueso or Taggart truly know?

Is this a stick-up, or a cinch?
A cloak and dagger, or a finch?

Hidden recorders, covert decoders,

Bomb detectives, Highway exploders…

But enough of the chatter, mind what matters,

Change the tune, press rewind, be kind, this ain’t signed,

Just a man on a mission to find out what’s wot,

He’s given his all, locked in mortal combat,

Running out of steam, needing the team,

Knowing that he’s finding too many seems…

So, he stops off his typing, parks that thought

Till he’s learned from the angels and tiny tots.