Recently, Brian Cox appeared on the Radio Times pages with a globe at his feet and what seemed like a planet-sized ego inflating his claims, as he promoted another BBC series – Wonders of Life.  Note his unchallenged assertion: “It’s incumbent on you, as a physicist, to explain life. If you don’t think God did it, what did?

Well, firstly, great scientists, from Newton to Einstein, have firmly believed in God.  The former, in his magnum opus, stated: “This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being“.

You see, to disprove God’s existence you would actually have to be capable of divine omniscience – able to be everywhere and see all things.  Clearly, humans are not thus equipped.  We’re still trying to pin down what exactly all the bits of DNA do and as for “dark matter”…

All science offers is theories based on observation and experimentation.  At one time – around when “Frankenstein” was dreamed-up by Mary Shelley – some thought you could infuse life back into dead matter by a strong, electrical jolt.  Not quite correct, Mr Galvani. 

So, we can possibly learn a lot about what happened right up until just before the Big Bang – the start of Recorded Time – that almost all scientists actually take as their limit for “explaining life”.  You see, before is one big mystery and I believe it’s Isaac, not Brian, who offers the start of an answer. 

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