Does Money Matter to You?

Moray Money questionnaire

January is infamous as the most depressing month of the year – Christmas glitz soon-forgotten in the large pile of intimidating bills that need to be paid.  However, a team from Moray College are aiming to blow away the “blues” by entering the national “MoneyforLife” challenge. 

You can find out much more about this online, but basically the competition is set-up by Lloyds Banking Group to find the most innovative ways volunteers can devise to improve their own money management skills and those of their communities.  From budget fashion shows to the perfect recipes for “skinny” meals (costing pence, not pounds!), there have been many entrants since the challenge was set-up.

But “Moray’s Money” are seeking to get back to basics.  After thoroughly researching the problems, the next step will be to recommend possible solutions and then create a comprehensive, eight-hour course covering all that students need to know.  From spotting supermarket dud deals to planning for a future pension, this will be designed as a one-stop shop to prepare clients for the rest of their lives. There will be displays around the College showcasing what has been discovered and an opportunity for banks to offers their services direct to students at a special open day on the 5th March 2013.

The goal is to equip individuals to make sound financial choices, working through the challenges together and making sure that, after leaving, students understand exactly which websites and options to use thereafter.  Rather than being savaged by loan sharks, they should be able to size-up all the fish in the pond and swim on the back of a dolphin who plays fair!

Have you suffered from debt and made the wrong choices? Did you find information and support easy to find? Do you think there is enough information available? Do you think that what is out there is confusing? Whatever your experiences, good and bad, we would love to hear from you… We’ll present whatever we find out on a specially moderated Facebook page to ensure that only the most helpful links and comments are displayed.

We’ll present whatever we find out on a specially moderated Facebook page to ensure that only the most helpful links and comments are displayed.  You can contact us at, leave a phone message at 01343 576 000 or post on our website,  Lastly, we’ve a little questionnaire you can try.  Download the Word document, fill in the questions as best you can and then just email it to  The online version is easiest to use in this way but the straightforward questionnaire is designed to be printed out. Simples!  Thank you.


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