Know your body

So, awoke last morning and felt very strange – a little bit feverish to be honest. I’d slept pretty well, but the previous night’s evening meal was polished off with a couple of fizzy glasses.
I’d previously resolved against these sugars and additives, one reason being that I don’t like the “unnatural high” and another being this article:
which basically pinpoints the toxicity of sugar and its role in obesity and certain types of liver disease. Sadly, my convictions sometimes falter, especially when so much – from litter on the streets to student behaviour in class – seems against them.
Anyway, I was urged to take a paracetamol, which seemed to provide a temporary energy boost, or is that the placebo effect? Or maybe, just forcing myself to go into work and start being constructive was the best tonic of all?
Anyway, by the afternoon, I’d sore shoulders, a runny nose and sneezes, but otherwise felt good. Now, I listened to these and made sure I didn’t overdo things, but the amazing thing was by evening – after a good meal and a bit of rest – I was feeling fighting fit.
The body is wonderfully designed. I read recently that drug holidays are beating cancer in mice – scientists are always discovering more about how we work
Maybe, we’d learn even faster if we all listened to our bodies a little more, took advice from other people and keep respecting the experts. I think they’ll uncover more, if we just give them a chance.


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